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Experts in mechanical and structural fabrication for over 25 years in the industry.
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List of Recently Completed Projects

Sydney Water Bondi - Scrubber doors

Sydney Water Bondi - Floor Hutches

Know it - Litle bay handrails

Wolongong Hydromet - Shut down Plant install

TSL - Bombo Pumping station reneval

Sydney Water Camden - Poly platform structural

Sydney Water Bondi - Floor plates

Sydney Water Bondi - Penstock Covers

Chinatown Restaurant - structural steel

Redfern - Structural steel

Know it - SS316 frame

TSL MALABAR - Gas compressor modifications

Sydney Water Northead - Underground Kickrail

Sydney Water Northead - Digester Handrail

Siemens Tea Garden - Chemical dosing plant install

MacBuilt - Ryde structural
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