Experts in mechanical and structural fabrication for over 25 years in the industry.
Bacicco Group Pty Ltd have established themselves as a worldwide company in the installation, erection, maintenance, and repair of machinery, plant, equipment, steelwork and associated services, for any type of industry.

We are experienced in fabrication and installation of products such as:

- Metal work balustrades, handrails / stainless /aluminium / mild steel, brackets, saddlers, ladders, grills, staircases, pump bases, platforms, etc.

- Spiral ducting in stainless /other materials, odor control design in waste water, mining and resources in general.

- Supply and installation of the various pumps & fans

- Fabrications and installations of various piping in stainless steel, mild steel and steam piping, UPVC piping, ABS piping and GF acid piping, valves and fittings, ventilation units, carbon filters

- Gantry and Monorail systems

- Metal Floor coverings

- Supply materials fasteners, builders steel, structural steel, stainless steel, piping, fittings, etc.
Mechanical engineering and instalation
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List of our Services:

Engineering Design Consultancy

Estimating in Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Structural / Architechtural / Metal work Fabrication

Mechanical engineering and instalation

Ventilation and odour controle Ducting

Piping fabrication and installation

Site Welding services ARC / TIG/ MIG

Labour Hire in Mechanical / Structural fields

Project managment

Property Maintenence

Materials and Fittings Supply

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