Experts in mechanical and structural fabrication for over 25 years in the industry.
Project managment
One of our main jobs is consulting in project management. In doing so communication with our customers is extremly important. Together we work out the appropriate solution by using in the area of project management diverse technologies and methods.

With a high satisfaction with the project work, we can help you understand the successful practices and systems quickly and cost-effective for wider access to your company.
If you have already identified opportunities for improvement, our consultants will help you in the design, implementation and introduction of yourcustomized solutions. We will help you to manage the change!

A combination of document analysis, systematic survey and workshop is our offer to you. First of all, the best starting points for improvement identified. We sharpen the view!

Our expertise is in the process of integration and project visibility, so that all duties and job aspects of a modern knowledge worker can be considered. Our consultants can help in a wide range of tools in order to enable a rapid and cost-effective implementation of your project management plans. We deliver everything from one source: concept development, integration, training and continuous support.

Your benefit is a higher efficiency, productivity, quality, safety planning, standard working conditions as well as safety requirements and conformity with respect to standards, laws and customers.
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Engineering Design Consultancy

Estimating in Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Structural / Architechtural / Metal work Fabrication

Mechanical engineering and instalation

Ventilation and odour controle Ducting

Piping fabrication and installation

Site Welding services ARC / TIG/ MIG

Labour Hire in Mechanical / Structural fields

Project managment

Property Maintenence

Materials and Fittings Supply

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