Experts in mechanical and structural fabrication for over 25 years in the industry.
Ventilation and oder controle Ducting
If you require a professional and timely installation of a ventalation system or oder control, Bacicco Group can provide a professional service.
We specialise in industrial grade ventalation and oder control and have provided our services to large businesses such as Australia Water. Rest assure, we can help.
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List of our Services:

Engineering Design Consultancy

Estimating in Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Structural / Architechtural / Metal work Fabrication

Mechanical engineering and instalation

Ventilation and odour controle Ducting

Piping fabrication and installation

Site Welding services ARC / TIG/ MIG

Labour Hire in Mechanical / Structural fields

Project managment

Property Maintenence

Materials and Fittings Supply

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